Mother's Day GiftListen up: Mother’s day is a time for mom to relax. I consider Mother’s Day a day of opportunity – the opportunity to rebuild, re-connect, reflect and to strengthen family bonds.Know this: Every day is Mother’s Day. But, this special day offers the opportunity for families to come together to honor mom and all she’s done for us.

Mother’s Day: Is it the Opportunity to Honor?

I can’t imagine how mothers do it. How do they keep the family together, solve our problems, apply band-aids to skinned knees and work full time to help support her loved ones?
There are people who claim that “women can’t have it all” – a family and a career. But we see these heroes everyday. We work beside them. We eat at the same table with them. We see them struggle and strive. And we see them succeed.Mothers are remarkable people, filled with love and empathy, endless forgiveness and unconditional love. We honor that essential member of our lives on Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day: Is it the Opportunity to Appreciate?

We most often take for granted those things in our lives that are ever-present. A high standard of living (by any standards), the air we breathe and, of course, the important role mothers play in raising children and instilling in their offspring positive values.

Women are more compassionate, more empathetic, yes, more maternal. I wonder what our world would be like if women ran all the governments. I’m certain we’d never have another war.

Appreciate all that mothers do for their families, for their communities and for the comfort they provide in times of stress and distress. Mother’s Day is the one day a year when mothers should relax, sit back and take stock of their lives.

As a man, as a son, as a husband, father and grandfather, I see, first hand, the importance mothers play in the advancement of a more civilized society. If it were left up to men, our species would have died out centuries ago.

Mothers Day: Is it the Opportunity to Strengthen Family Ties?

The human needs to belong and to love and be loved form the basis of strong family ties. Our families are special groups to which only certain people belong. Yet, family members often fuss and feud.

I’ve seen instances of families that have been torn apart by a simple misunderstanding and the complex emotion of pride – too much of it.

How can you help mom solve family problems?

Believe it or not, family rifts rarely heal on their own.

If there are differences and disagreements in your family, if these differences are long-standing or recent, the best gift you can give a mother is to make an effort to make things right by strengthening family ties.

Now listen to this carefully: Especially if the disagreement involves mom.

Want to make you mom happy this year?

Want to make your mother happy this year? Hug her. Thank her. And, if necessary, apologize to her to set things right. The family is our most important support group, and at the center of every family is a mom.

Mother’s Day: Is it the Opportunity to Remember?

For those of us who have lost our mothers, this day is a time to reflect. You see…you can open the family scrapbook and remember the good times.

And guess what? Tell happy stories and share memories of mom with others in your family. Tell your children and their children about your mother.

Keep the memory alive by sharing with younger family members your fond memories of mother.

As long as mother’s memory remains, she and the impact she had on others, remains. This is the day to share the best of family times.

Mothers Day: Is it the Opportunity to Give Back?

While it’s important to share your love with family members daily, on this special day – this Mother’s Day – it’s time to give back. Try some of these displays of affection for the person who gave you life.

” Clean the house – top to bottom. And do a good job – the kind of job mom would do.

” Run the errands. Today’s a day for mom to relax so let someone else do the around-town chores. Give mom a break.

” Go out to dinner, or better yet, make dinner. Get the entire family involved. Make mom’s favorite dishes. And don’t forget to clean up and do the dishes. This is Mother’s Day, after all.

” Gifts like flowers and chocolates are always appreciated. But, gifts aren’t the only way of giving. Fix the back door like you’ve been promising to do. Mow the lawn without being asked a dozen times.

” Sweep the mother of your children off her feet and tell her how much you love her. Mothers never get tired of hearing it. You should never get tired of showing it.

Finally, use Mother’s Day as a starting point – the day things will be different. The day things will change for the better. Make a promise to yourself. Mother’s Day is the first day of a new, better, happier and healthy relationship with mothers, wives, daughters and friends.

Cecil McIntosh, The EYC™ Stress Relaxation Expert with 14 years of experience helping  Entrepreneurs like you, transform stress into success. He is a published author of many audio Relaxation Programs using accelerated learning approaches and a Teacher, NLP Trainer and life Coach. You can reach Cecil at

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