My Clients Say It Best!

Comment from students of the
E.Y.C® Process .

The Proof Is In Your Stress Relief Pudding

Stress Relief Healing Methods

Stress Relief, Taking Time For Me…

“I learned about taking time for me and not feeling guilty about it”

–Lise T
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Stress Relief helps you not to feel guilty…

“I don’t have to feel guilty about doing things for myself, and as a result I have become more productive.”

–Shelly Black
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Stress relief enables me to relax at any time…

“I can relax at any time, whenever I feel the need.”

–Pauline Hirsh
Jewelery Store Owner
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Stress relief tools for stress management…

“Cecil McIntosh has developed a stress management program that really worksl”

–Jim Adams
The Venture Catalysts
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Stress Relief strategies took me into the light…

“Cecil has brought me into the light and shown me how to remain there. Through everyday exercises to meditation, he has enabled me to survive and endure life’s trial and tribulations.”

–Melanie Marden
Owner of MM Spa
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

10-Minute to absolute stress relief…

While listening to the CD, I did not stray mentally because I felt I was in nature. I experienced a mini vacation and I took a very, very deep breathe. The songs of the birds anchored me and kept me focused.”

–Joanne Hutchinson
Property Manager
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Meditation improved my sight…

“I was given glasses to wear when I was 6 or 7 years old! For long distance, I wore either glasses or contact lenses for most of my life. When I became old enough to drive, the condition “vision correction required” was put on my license and was there until 2007.

At that time I was 65 years of age and was able to have the condition removed, as my long distance eyesight was good enough to pass the sight test.

One of the things I attribute the improvement to is the EYC™ meditation. I was introduced to meditation by Cecil in 2001. Meditation and working with Cecil opened my mind and opened my eyes.”

–Love, Wilma
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Stress Relief After Experiencing a Stroke…

Stress relief in the hospital after stroke can be exciting and fun.

“I tried to find you in the hospital when I went for coffee that day, but did not have any luck.

Thank you for brightening my mum’s day. She is out of the hospital and has regained full functions after her stroke.

We are so lucky. The world needs a lot more people like you.”

–Carl Brand
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Stress Relief from Colitis after Three Years of Pain and discomfort…

“I suffered from colitis for over 3 years and then I discovered how to deal with so called “difficult people” which had caused my stress. For the last 2 years I have been colitis free, due to using the tools that Cecil taught me, and I am now experiencing relaxation moment by moment.”

–Sandra Baillie
Administrative Assistant, Oakville, Ontario, Canada

The 21 Stress-Stopper Formula Simplified My Life!

“Have you ever been bursting at the seams to share a change in your consciousness? This change has simplified my life. After two years, I am doing more by doing less in business and being three times more productive.

And converting stress into positive energy has allowed me to live by going with the flow rather than getting caught on an emotional roller coaster. In my personal life, one of my health challenges, high blood pressure, has disappeared.

However, when I attempt to get the message across to someone who notices the difference and asks for an explanation, I usually get a blank stare.

The process is so simple that they cannot believe it.

After begging and pleading with Cecil for some way to explain this amazing process, I have finally gotten my wish. He has produced an exceptional report. This special report introduces you to his exclusive work the Empty Your Cup® Process. This awesome process gives you profound insights into the root cause and simple solutions to relieve pain, anxiety and stress.”

–Reno Habul
Property Development
West Des-Moines, Iowa, U.S.A.

Des Moines Register Testimonial

Relaxation and Meditation techniques improve my health

Relaxation and Meditation techniques improve my health and helped me transform my stress into

“Since being introduced to EYC™ meditation by Cecil almost 3 years ago, I am much happier,
more peaceful person. Through EYC™ meditation and Cecil’s support, I have come to accept
and like myself. Because I am more accepting of myself, I’m more accepting of those around me.

My view of the whole world has changed. That adds up to a whole lot less stress in my life.


–Wilma Edmondson
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

Staying Connected CD

The CD grounds me and gives me courage and acceptance

“The morning meditation grounds me, so that I can deal with the fear of overwhelm and gives me focus for the day, which allows me to see beyond the problems of the day.

The evening meditation keeps me from beating up myself. It gives me the courage to allow and accept the mistakes I made that day and let go of them.”

–Violet Goulbourne
Account Manager, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

CD helped me find relief for my tension headaches…

“I attended a lunch and learn clinic in the hospital. My challenge was that when dealing with so many things (issues, problems and stress) during the week when I finally relax on the weekend I would suffer from a migraine headache.

After the lunch and learn clinic I spoke with Cecil, who told me that he had a CD that would solve my problem of overwhelmed. I was very skeptical and reluctantly decided to try the CD.

I was pleasantly surprised at the results. It taught me how to deal with problem, issues and stress at the time they happened instead of building up at the end of the week resulting in a migraine!”

–E. M.
Administrative Secretary, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

This CD was especially helpful in reducing the number

of negative thoughts I would have during the day. Gradually, as I would review my daily activities I would have less and less negative thoughts and more and more positive thoughts.

We tend to be particularly critical of ourselves when no one else would and let this sway our thinking. Listening to the tape over and over again as a daily routine showed me how many really positive things would go on in my day that I never gave a second glance at. This in turn made me more confident in my activities and my interaction with others.”

–Vicki Lauder
Grand Mother, Mississauga, Ontario

CD helped me to grow and see things differently…

“I’ve used this CD intermittently over the past several years. I’ve noticed that it is different for me now than it used to be. In the past it has taken me in circles and the cord of my headset would wrap around my neck. Then I realized it didn’t need to take me in circles. I had other choices.

It has evolved so that now it shows me the journey of each day of my life. It shows me each change or shift in my life affords me new experiences and new lessons — gives me a new view.

And each new view takes me where I haven’t been before — growth. Throughout all the change, there is my Guide — the constant. AND, it takes only a 15-minute time commitment.”

–Wilma Edmondson
Mississauga, Ontario

“An incredibly valuable tool for today’s busy world. I had days when I was falling asleep at my keyboard at 3:00pm. After using the staying connected CD I was able to work well into the wee hours of the morning.

Nothing to do but listen and let Cecil’s guidance take you to a clear and balanced place.

If you have endless days of stress, this tool can do amazing things to help take a huge weight off.
Well done Cecil.”

–Sean Paddison
President of Northstreams (Inc), Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Internet Broadcasting Ideas & Solutions

A lifesaver. I was a very emotional, angry, hyper personality, who didn’t ever believe that I could relax.

Relax for me was a stressful word. Now, I feel calm, happy and at peace – I can actually feel my muscles tense up when I hear the word relax but now I can also feel them let go!

Aren’t your shoulders supposed to be attached to your ears?

The benefits of the morning meditation CD are: I am now focused and grounded, prioritize my day on my walk.

The benefits of the evening meditation are: I am now sleeping better, knowing that I can redo any event I am not happy about, while creating my perfect day and have big dreams. Thanks so much Cecil.”

–Theresa Wackerman
Manager of multi-tasking, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

“I discovered that going inside can be fun, insightful, hopeful, creative, imaginative and did I mention fun? That’s what it is when I give myself the chance, rather than feeling scared, doubtful, fearful and angry… it will help you stay connected with your inner superstar self.

…we all need tools and this is a very good one. I just recently gave this CD as a gift to my recently blind friend, and hopefully this will help her find her inner vision which is endless and expansive. I hope you enjoy this CD as much as I do.

… do this CD you will find that you can become the master of your own universe and make right all the wrongs. I guess it’s good to put things to rest in your mind, and it’s a nice relaxing CD to prepare your mind. Hope you enjoy!”

–Rasa Pojawis
Illustrator and Puppeteer, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Grounds and gives courage and acceptance

“The morning meditation grounds me, so that I can deal with the fear of overwhelm and gives me focus for the day, which allows me to see beyond the problems of the day.

The evening meditation keeps me from beating up myself. It gives me the courage to allow and accept the mistakes I made that day and let go of them.”

–Violet Goulbourne
Account Manager, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

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