Overworked, Stressed-Out Moms: Help Is Finally Here. Stressful situations will always exist. Most moms experience a time during the day when they are most stressed and almost overwhelmed by the activities going on around them. Some may feel this way in the morning.

Others experience these feelings in the afternoon or evening. These feelings occur when mothers are over-exposed to the stimuli of children, family, work and other potential stressors in their lives.

Let me explain:

Each woman’s body chemistry is different. What may cause one woman to feel stressed or overwhelmed may not affect her neighbor or best friend in the same way? Stress can occur at specific times during the day for some people, almost to the point that it can be predicted.

Getting the kids ready for school or rushing home in between errands to cook supper are two common stress points during a mother’s day. For some moms, these feelings may just appear with no identifiable cause.

Why does this happen?

Usually, stress and/or anxiety are brought on by internal and external factors in a mother’s life. These factors do not go away unless they are addressed. Most of the time they cannot be avoided. Life doesn’t stop because mom is a bit overwhelmed. We cannot avoid some of the factors that contribute to our
stress, i.e., work, children, home, etc.

A helpful tip:

We should not fall prey to these feelings of helplessness. We need to confront them head on. For those stressful times during the day, a plan should be implemented. This is a key element that can be followed by mothers and the children at these times.

An organized approach to stress provides consistency and continuity. You know what to expect if you follow the plan. It may not totally remove the anxiety and stress from life, but it will certainly diminish the feelings because a structured plan puts you in control.

So what is the moral of the story?

Having a plan – the coping skills – to manage stressful, anxious times will ease the burden. By using this organized approach, you’ll notice a difference in the amount of stress in your life and how you cope with the feelings. It isn’t always easy, but the more you put these practices in place, the more natural they become.

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(as is common with bloggers,) as full credit/attribution is given to Empty Your Cup.com/ Stress Relief Blog.com and Change Perspective.

Cecil McIntosh, The EYC™ Stress Relaxation Expert with 14 years of experience helping Entrepreneurs like you, stay focused, get more done and find more time, so that you can live in the moment. He is a published author of many audio Relaxation Programs using accelerated learning approaches and a Teacher, NLP Trainer and Coach. You can reach Cecil at cecil.mcintosh@gmail.com

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