Stress Relief and the Law of attraction can help you get what ever you want. The law of attraction is all about what you think about you will manifest. Let’s say you bought a new car. Then you will start to notice lots of new cars just like yours.

If you attended a party you will discover that there are pockets of people having conversations. You may notice working moms, dog lovers, Busy Business People in separate clusters. There is energy (law of attraction) where people of like minds tend to hang out together.

The Question

The challenge is what stops you from enjoying the law of attraction and
manifesting what ever you want?

The Answer

The answer is very simple. There is an objective and a subjective desire.

An objective desire

An objective desire may be buying a new car (something you can see and touch).

Subjective desire

A subjective desire could be having better communication with your partner. Let’s say in your language YOU refer to your partner as S.O.B. verbally or none verbally. Over a period of time the law of attraction will take place. Your partner will begin or continue to act like a S.O.B.

Understanding the law of attraction

The difficulty with understanding the law of attraction is generally lost because we think we can hide our thoughts. Thoughts are things and energy and although we think we are hiding our thoughts we are actually manifesting them.

For example you’re cooking and you remember that Sue’s banister needs fixing. Instead of cooking and enjoying stress relief, your mind wonders over to Sue’s broken banister. Next thing you know you have cut your finger.

Lack of focus

The cut on your finger is a direct result of the lack of focus on what you are presently doing. Yes thoughts are things. If you want to benefit from the law of attraction then you need to pay very close attention to your thoughts.

Sum Total of your thoughts

Whatever you have in you’re life at the moment is the sum total of your thoughts. The Law of attraction works whether you like it or not.
Your present state whether positive or negative is an accumulation of your

Holding Positive thoughts

When you understand how to hold positive thoughts constantly you will notice profound shifts in the behavior of the people around you.

So what is the solution?

1. First you need to understand that you are creating you destiny through your language verbally or none verbally.

2. Secondly since you’re creating your destiny with your language it is important that you choose the words you use carefully.

3. Third focus on the wonderfully positive behaviors of your partner or children rather than their shortcomings.

So what is the moral of the story?

It is time to stop blaming others for your inadequacies and take responsibility for manifesting abundant living through your language.

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Cecil McIntosh, The EYC™ Stress Relaxation Expert with 14 years
of experience helping Entrepreneurs like you, stay focused, get more done and find more time, so that you can live in the moment. He is a published author of many audio Relaxation Programs using accelerated learning approaches and a Teacher, NLP Trainer and Coach. You can reach Cecil at

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