84th Birthday CelebrationI just returned from Montreal celebrating our auntie’s 84th birthday. My wife’s auntie celebrated her birthday on August 14, 2010. Her celebrations started on the 13 to the 15 of August. She was on cloud nine.

There are several tips and ideas that I have observed from visiting auntie over the last 15 years and I am going to share the best of these lessons with you. These insights will not only save you the stress of living in the head, but make your dream of peace and harmony and living in the heart a reality.

Here are 13 keys I learned from our auntie’s 84th birthday celebration.

#1: She knows how to listen to her body. If she get up from sleeping and have a cup of tea or coffee and her body tells her to go back to bed that’s what she does.

#2: she walks at least five times a week and sometimes she rides her bike. She says the weather was not the best so she did not ride very much this year.

#3: She has faith (meaning she does not have to see it to believe it) and reads her bible daily.

#4: Instead of complaining about her ache and pains she gives thanks for being alive.

#5:  She trusts her intuition and if she has an idea that she should call someone or go to the store she does it right away.

#6: She know all the bus routes and can jump on the bus and go where ever she wants.

#7: She has very supportive neighbours and family and maintains her independence. 

#8: She is very discipline and has a daily structure for her activities.

#9: She is very careful about what she eats. She did not want a cake for her birthday and she told us that she and her sisters do not use as much “sweets” as before.

#10:  Her brother forgot her birthday which was unusually and she did not get upset (no judgement). She simply called him long distance to see if he was OK.  

#11: When you visit her for dinner or supper you are assured that you will not have to cook the next day. You will get a doggie bag with plenty of goodies.

#12: She lives alone but her friends and family are constantly checking on her. Interestingly, she generally knows who is calling by the time of the day that they call.

#13: She has a stationary bike and a treadmill machine in the basement.

Now that you understand there is not only hope but a define course of action you can take to observe our auntie’s 84th birthday celebration, for long life and prosperity and move beyond any question or concerns once and for all. Just imagine how much more energy, clarity and fun you can have in life.

Now I would suggest you get started by taking action on one of the suggestions I outlined in heart of the article.

We appreciate you feedback. Comment below and tell what you think. Peace

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