Upset in a relationship One of the most popular ways to relax and stress less in your relationship is to pretend that everything is OK.
But there are a couple of hidden problems with this:
First, if it was that easy, a lot more folks would be successful with stress in their relationship.

And second, there are quite a few brand new, cutting edge techniques that make achieving to be relaxed and stress less in your relationship much simpler with a lot less effort.

And if you’ve got just a few minutes, I’d love to let you know about three of the best techniques that can cut weeks or even months off your desire for a better relationship success timetable.

The three techniques are active listening skills, being in the moment and accepting your partner unconditionally.

1. Active Listening skills

The stress from lack of communication can cause your stress and anxiety to spike daily. Consequently you may drink or smoke or have an affair hoping to get caught, as a way of getting attention.

You also may not have the tools to deal with the emotional sting in your relationship which can lead to life style change and better health.

In order to be able to listen to your partner, you must be able to hear when they speak to you. In order to hear you need to clear your mind.

This can be achieved by learning how to relax. Everybody has his way of relaxing but how come there is still so much stress?

Your relaxation method has to be practical for it to be effective. Let’s say you relax by flying a plane. When you start to talk to your partner, how can you get the feeling of the plane into the conversation?

You get my point.

2. Being in the moment

You may wonder if it is possible to relax and be in the moment with all the noises that you are experiencing all day long. First you need to have a goal to have more clarity of purpose.

Your mind is much more powerful than you think. For example, where you are right now is the sum total of your thoughts.

So focus on what you want instead of what you do not want. Initially, it is difficult because you will notice a lot of your negative thoughts. But as you continue you will get better at being aware of your negative thinking.

3. Accepting your partner unconditionally

This may sound like a big task but is very simple. When you met someone, there was an attraction that created the connection.

So you focused on that one piece that ignited the relationship. But what do you, do with all the other pieces.

Do you throw them away?

Oh no!

The challenge is to decide which four elements are those that your partner must have, in order for you to even consider a relationship.

Relationships require more thoughts before you become committed. Now when you have the four elements, they become your foundation for a relationship.

Now that you have that foundation in your relationship, you can consider accepting your partner unconditionally because you are getting something in return.

What is so exciting about these new perspectives, is that they can jump start you to the road of relationship success, or revive a flagging effort you may have abandoned, and inject you with new hope and energy.

Cecil McIntosh guides solo-preneurs and entrepreneurs worldwide to manage feeling overwhelmed and enjoy better relationships. Get a jump start on your own relax and stress less system with 21 no-brainer shortcut to achieving your dream of health and happiness at You can reach Cecil at

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