Enjoying a healthy happy lifeIn my 14 years of working with stressed out entrepreneurs, I have been surprised at just how many of them have the idea that they need to work harder and be financially independent before they can find time to relax.

Well, after working in a hospital with heart and stroke patients, I am here to tell you that this is all one big myth.

It makes me feel sad, but most of these wonderful people are obviously headed for a major catastrophe. And here’s the thing, there is no need for it to happen to you.

If you would like to stave off their doom (and I realize you do!), here are 4 spectacularly simple ways to dodge this health challenge.

Tip #1: All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.

Nobody likes a dull boy and nobody likes to work all the time, but sometimes we get tunnel vision and forget the health consequences.

In life there needs to be a balance between work and your personal life. If your personal life is not in order, then you will take that additional stress to work. So in order to have less stress at work, you need to find ways to play when you leave work.

You may decide to learn to separate your work from your home life so that you can enjoy your family and friends after work and this would be a very important first step.  

Tip #2: Too much of anything is not good.

If you went to the buffet table and ate too much, you’ll soon feel uncomfortable and you would no longer be able to enjoy the evening.

Likewise if all you do is work, you will come home exhausted. If you are in a relationship, who wants a partner who is always tired?

You may be in denial about your addiction to work but how do you deal with the stress of an unhappy partner?

Tip #3: What do you think about your health?

One of the problems about our health is that we take it for granted. If you take your car for granted and do not take it in for proper maintenance, then it will break down and you may have to call the tow truck.

Similarly, if you do not believe that you should have your annual check up, when your body breaks down because of lack of stress control, then you call 911.

Tip #4: Did you know that pain is good?

Your body is a beautiful instrument. One of the things your body does is, it gives you a lot of information. This information comes in the form of pain for us to protect our health. But here’s the thing: We don’t know that pain is good, so we treat pain as an enemy rather than a friend. We want to get rid of it because we feel it’s bad.

Pain is merely a message like the knocking in your car, telling you that you need to make some small correction, to bring your body back into balance.

What is so breathtaking about these thoughts is, it can trigger you back to the way of achieving greater success, or quicken a tired effort you may have deserted, and inject it with new hope and energy.

We appreciate you feedback. Comment below and tell us what you think. Peace

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