Mature Couple Enjoying a healthy mealEveryone at some time in their life has to deal with stress and anxiety issues. Many, sadly, try to deal with stress and anxiety by turning to alcohol or drugs, sometimes both.

Anxiety and stress relief can be yours by just changing a few simple items in your lifestyle.

Can eating a healthy diet reduce your stress and anxiety?

Eating a healthy diet can relieve stress and anxiety. Instead of going for comfort foods that will give you temporary relief from stress anxiety, try eating healthy snacks.

So what would happen if you added some fresh fruit and vegetables to your life style?

Fresh fruits and vegetables can be easily exchanged for sugary treats high in sugar and low in anything that is healthy.

Plan your diet around foods high in fiber, and low in salt and transfats. Eating a balanced diet can help you even out your emotions and moods and help you reduce any stress and anxiety you have in your life.

When is a good time to eat healthy?

Eat healthy meals at the same time every day. Many of us are used to having a big meal in the evening, but it would be healthier to eat a good breakfast, a smaller meal at lunch time, and a small dinner.

I know this goes against everything we were taught when we were growing, but will make us healthier as we begin to age.

How often do you skip breakfast?

Many students and adults skip breakfast. That’s something I have been guilty of doing for many years. Those who skip breakfast are relying on their energy coming from their muscles instead of the stored fat in the body. We need breakfast to jumpstart our metabolism for the day.

So here’s the thing..

Make one of these small healthy eating changes in your in your life an notice the difference in your anxiety and stress relief.
Cecil McIntosh, The EYC™ Stress Relaxation Expert with 14 years of experience helping  Entrepreneurs like you, transform stress into success. He is the creator of the Empty Your Cup Process™. An exclusive stress management  system for managing fear, anger and the uncertainty that results from constant change. Cecil  is also a Healer, GiftedTeacher,Therapist, NLP Trainer and life Coach. You can reach Cecil at 

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