Holiday StressOne of the biggest issues that knock people down from having fun at Christmas is holiday stress.
It usually involves waiting for the last minutes to shop, difficulty accepting people’s behaviour (in-laws, out-laws) or the desire to be “perfect”.
Life does not have to be this difficult and it is time start having fun again because Christmas is a time of celebration. Relax! , I am about to reveal a solution to your problem.

I came across an interesting article which suggested 5 ways for effectively dealing with holiday stress.

Cecil McIntosh, is a spiritual wellness and relaxation coach, and creator of the Empty Your Cup® (relaxation) system. Cecil is a healer, teacher, and certified master practitioner and NLP trainer who help overwhelmed entrepreneurs stress less – quickly, effectively and naturally for over 14 years. Get a jump start on your own relax and stress less system with Your Free Video tips to achieving health and happiness at  You can reach Cecil at

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