Empty Your Cup Relax and Stress Less Monday lesson #1

If you feel you have to satisfy others rather than yourself then this video is just for you?

Here are THREE questions you may find interesting in this video.
How do you feel when you satisfy other first?
What do you do when they demand more and more of you?

What do they say to you when you ignore their demands and look after yourself first?

We appreciate your feedback. Comment below and tell us how you feel.

Cecil McIntosh, is a spiritual wellness and relaxation coach, and creator of the Empty Your Cup® (relaxation) system. Cecil is a healer, teacher, and certified master practitioner and NLP trainer who help overwhelmed entrepreneurs stress less – quickly, effectively and naturally for over 14 years. Get a jump start on your own relax and stress less system with Your Free Video tips to achieving health and happiness at http://eycfreebook.com  You can reach Cecil at http://www.cecilhelpdesk.com

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Acceptance Of Self: Are You Missing This Short Cut To Acceptance Of Self?

Acceptance Of Self And ChangeTelevision has been telling us how we need to look in order to be successful. And you may think your life can change overnight when you make these cosmetic changes. Unfortunately, this is struggle to achieve this dream is a waste of time and money.
This failure is totally unnecessary. In fact I am about to reveal the missing short cut to acceptance of self.
I was teaching class one day, standing in the middle of two ladies. I was within earshot of both of these ladies talking at the same time.

The lady on my left, the shorter lady, had large breasts and she was saying, “Boy, these large breasts are so uncomfortable in the summer when it gets hot. I wish they weren’t so large.”

On the other side, the lady was saying, “My breasts are so small. Boy, I would like larger breasts.” I couldn’t believe it. I was in the middle of this thing, left ear and right ear. It was like a song.

I have other clients who have marks on their faces. Our society says, “You can fix anything. You can enlarge it or you can make it smaller.”

We seem to get caught up in this whole idea that we have to look the way somebody decides we’re supposed to look. Whether it’s TV or the media, I don’t know who it is, but somebody made this decision.

Whoever made this decision is very powerful because it’s a big industry out there.

Wayne: How do we change that? How do we change our thoughts about ourselves?

Cecil: You first have to accept that whatever you have is given to you for a reason. If you can accept that, then you don’t have a problem.

I’m also bowlegged.

I was in Barbados at some point in time. I had just gotten off the plane and it was dark. I was standing in the middle of the street. A friend of mine called and said, “Macky, what are you doing in Barbados?” They call me Macky in Barbados.

I said, “How do you know that I’m in Barbados? I just got off the plane.” He said, “You have bowlegs. I know your bowlegs.” You see, I used to be a runner in Barbados and I was pretty successful at it, so they knew my legs.

A lot of times the things that we think are negative, people use to remember us or mark us. They’re beautiful.

I have been teaching my students that whatever you have is fine. I have two ladies now who have marks on their face and they want to do something about it. I had two ladies who came to me and they had breast enhancements.

After working with me for a year, they had to ask themselves, “Why did we waste our money?” I said, “Don’t look at me. I’m here to teach you.” They said, “We wasted our money to get this done.” I said, “Yes, but you weren’t working with me at the time, so forget about it. It’s a lesson learned.”

It hurts my heart to see good intention entrepreneurs disappointed with acceptance of self. So i hope you will take the priceless short cuts you discovered in the last few minutes to avoid this trap. And to realize the acceptance of self is what makes you and your service unique. It is possible and only a few short steps away.

Cecil McIntosh, guides solo-preneurs and entrepreneurs worldwide to learn to relax, stress less and  overcome chronic symptoms so that you can quickly experience profound peace, power and work life balance. You can get the other 20 Tips of 21 no-brainer shortcuts to achieving health and happiness at http://eycfreebook.com You can reach Cecil at http://www.cecilhelpdesk.com


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