Meditation And Health: How Do I Acquire Peace Of Mind If I Have Never Done It Before?

Meditation and Health - Natural BalanceMost entrepreneurs and solopreneurs that I have facilitated in the last 14 years are uninformed about meditation and health.
Their goal is to be financially successful. However, when they hit a bump in the road which may cost them mega bucks, is only when they seek help to slow down.
Life does not have to be difficult because success can be achieved with much less effort because of several simple and ignored ideas that not only can save you time and money but make your dream affordable.
And I am here to reveal 5 ways in which mediation and health can help you find peace of mind.
#1: Is meditation really good for your health!

Easing fears, anxiety and stress can keep your body from constantly being in the “fight or flight” mode. Daily reflection can turn unhappy thoughts to happy ones, negative emotions to positive ones, and disturbed thought process to those that are orderly and peaceful.

#2: In any case, is yoga a good form of meditation?

Yoga is a good example of using thoughtfulness to control our physical body and our thought processes. The movements are simple but they also include breathing exercises, and a calm and peaceful mind to allow the body to control movement and hold the poses.

3: But guess what? Meditation can give peace of mind.

Reflection is a great way to make your mind peaceful and free from thoughts that make you uncomfortable. Stress is a known contributor to many health problems including heart disease and cancer. Keeping our minds free of stress and unhappy thoughts can contribute to better health and a happier life.

#4: Here’s what it is all about: Training your mind.

Training our mind with thoughtfulness can help us deal with situations that are beyond our control. Maybe we are facing an important test, or speech. We cannot control that situation if we are in a classroom or work situation.

We can calm our minds and allow our thought processes to be uncluttered with distracting thoughts and situations.

#5: Now listen up: Meditation and deep breathing can help improve your health.

Reflection and deep breathing go hand in hand. Simply learning to breath correctly can help ease stress and prepare your body to focus on serene and calming thoughts. Breathing deeply from the bottom of our diaphragm will give our cells more oxygen, and help our brain to think clearly.

Simply follow the steps above and you will understand how mediation and health helps you achieve peace of mind. Now, I challenge you to use these new insights to break those old beliefs and make use of different strategies.

We eagerly look forward hearing your stories of success and even releasing old limitations by means of these new approaches

Comment below and tell us what you think. Peace.

Cecil McIntosh, is a spiritual wellness and relaxation coach, and creator of the Empty Your Cup® (relaxation) system. Cecil is a healer, teacher, and certified master practitioner and NLP trainer who help overwhelmed entrepreneurs have less stress – quickly, effectively and naturally. Get a jump start on your own relax and stress less system with 21 no-brainer shortcut to achieving health and happiness at  You can reach Cecil at

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7 Things You Didn’t Know About Meditation And Stress That Could lower High blood Pressure.

Meditation & Stress - Businessman One of the major challenges of entrepreneurs and solopreneurs is to embrace meditation and stress. This is easier said than done because the pursuit of success can cost you mega buck because you tend to ignore your health.
It hurt my heart to see well intentioned individuals struggle so hard to be successful when there are many little know tips that not only can help you slow down and have fun, but make your dream of a successful healthy business person a reality.
And I am about to show you 7 things you didn’t know about meditation and stress that could lower high blood pressures.
Meditation: Is it good for your Health?

Meditation is one of the newest methods of accepted stress reduction. The health benefits of meditation are immense for such a simple exercise.

Because of the simplicity of the exercise, it is little wonder that so many people are taking to mediation as opposed to heavy and time consuming exercises and stress reduction medication.

Let’s take a closer look at the health benefits of meditation.

#1: There are many great health benefits for those who are looking to add meditation to their daily regiments. Such health benefits include better flexibility, lower stress levels, lower blood pressure and lower chances of heart failure.

#2: All of this is great news for those who are at risk of any number of stress related complications.

So what is the primary benefit of meditation?

#3: The primary health related benefit to mediation is the reduction of stress. Science and medicine have found a direct link in the health of the individual and the stress levels of the individual.

#4: Properly managed stress does not hurt much, but unchecked stress can kill.

Now listen up: Here’s how meditation reduces stress.

#5: Meditation is capable of reducing stress by allowing the body and mind some down and centering time. This makes it possible for individuals to reduce the stress and provide quiet for the body and mind in a very loud society.

#6: This quite time lowers the blood pressure, heart speeds, the breathing speed, and the racing mind.

Let me show you how still meditation can stop the racing mind?

#7: Still meditation is the meditation that most people think of when thinking of healthy meditation. For this technique, a quite room and a few minutes are all that one needs.

Simply relax in a non-standing position.

Once you are relaxed, close your eyes and focus on breathing. This form of relaxation is based on breathing in the calm air and exhaling busy and destructive air.

This method is very relaxing and best used when one is winding down from a hectic day.

The interesting thing about embracing meditation and stress is the marvelous energy and exuberance you have.

The challenge is, without proper direction you can waste this valuable resource leaving feeling frustrated and overwhelmed with nothing to show for your effort.

Be sure to follow the crucial tips that I have outlined. Through these points, you could be at speed up the rate at which you attain your success. And this would definitely amaze you!

Cecil McIntosh, guides solo-preneurs and entrepreneurs worldwide to learn to relax, stress less and overcome chronic symptoms so that you can quickly experience profound peace, power and work life balance. Get a jump start on your own relax and stress less system with 21 no-brainer shortcut to achieving health and happiness at  You can reach Cecil at

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