Can Mindfulness Help Manage Pain and Mental Illness?

Mindfulness MeditationAre you an overwhelmed entrepreneur suffering from excruciating pain?
Does this pain keep you up at night and cost you mega bucks in prescriptions?
You may have tried different approaches but nothing seems to work. However, do not lose sight of your dream of fabulous health and happiness because help may be close at hand.
I came across a very interesting article on mindfulness.

“The idea of mindfulness comes from Buddhism and is key to meditation in that tradition… Mindfulness helps people with cycles of pain and anxiety, expert says. Therapists use mindfulness to help eating disorder patients manage emotional pain.”

The question is: Can mindfulness help manage pain and mental illness?

Cecil McIntosh, is a spiritual wellness and relaxation coach, and creator of the Empty Your Cup® (relaxation) system. Cecil is a healer, teacher, and certified master practitioner and NLP trainer who help overwhelmed entrepreneurs have less stress – quickly, effectively and naturally for over 14 years. Get a jump start on your own relax and stress less system with 21 no-brainer shortcut to achieving health and happiness at  You can reach Cecil at http://www.cecilhelpdesk.

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Prescription Drug Overdose Good for the Stress of Pain…

Prescription Drug OverdoseMichael Jackson the pop icon passed away on June 25, 2009. It has been speculated that the pop genius, who is famous for his creative spirit and the many musical barriers he broke, died from a prescription drug overdose.
OK let me explain these allegations:

This speculation was supported by Deepak Chopra on the Larry King show, where he claimed that Michael requested his assistance in learning how to meditate. On one occasion, Michael asked Dr. Chopra for a prescription of a drug.

Dr. Chopra said that he asked Michael why he wanted the prescription, but apparently Chopra never got an answer. Consequently, Michael stopped returning his phone calls.

Here’s another well known example of the deadly use of prescription drugs.

Jackson’s death would appear to be somewhat similar to the 2007 death of former Playboy model Anna Nicole Smith. Smith died of an accidental overdose in a Florida hotel. An autopsy revealed that Smith had a lethal cocktail of several prescription drugs in her body at the time of death.

So are prescription drugs the only way to manage the stress of pain?

I have been teaching relaxation and meditation for over 14 years, specifically for emotional and physical pain. As a matter of fact, I have worked with terminally ill patients in hospitals teaching them how to manage pain.

The interesting thing is that most of the patients that I am assigned to (due to chronic pain),refuse my help. Usually the patients who are not in as much pain are more receptive to my help.

Is there a non- prescription drug solution for pain?

I have developed a 3-minute relaxation process that allows you to manage and at times, eliminate chronic pain. There is an easier way to manage pain and enjoy a better quality of life.

Are you looking for a quick fix?

We have been conditioned to take a pill as a quick fix to numb the pain and our senses. This process keeps us dependent on that pill and it prevents us from taking responsibility.

Here’s the simple truth.

Pain is merely a message indicating that the body is out of balance. If you get to the root cause of the pain and deal with it naturally through relaxation and mediation, you do not become dependent on prescription drugs.

The final cause of Michael Jackson’s death has not been officially determined; however the question that needs to be answered is this:

Do you medicate your pain with prescription drugs or have you found a natural, alternative way to deal with your emotional and/or chronic physical pain?

Cecil McIntosh, The EYC™ Stress Relaxation Expert with 14 years of experience helping  Entrepreneurs like you, transform stress into success. He is the creator of the EYC™ Process. A stress management  system offering you an alternative to prescription drugs. He is also a Healer, Teacher, NLP Trainer and life Coach. You can reach Cecil at  


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